Monday, January 20, 2014

Great Expectations...for CTELE

flickr photo courtesy of AV Hire London
     So here we are, in a new semester.  A new semester means new classes, new experiences, new friends,
new challenges, and new opportunities.  I'm in a rather lengthy-titled class called "Creating Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments" or CTELE.  To be completely honest, I don't fully yet know what to expect.  I know we do work in a lab with Apple computers...and that I still dislike Apple.
     However, I am excited about the potential for this class.  I have been able to develop a familiarity with technologies used in education through the original Ed Tech and Design course.  I have expanded my skills through Technology in Education and Emerging Instructional Technologies.  CTELE, to me, provides an opportunity to hone my preexisting skills and expose me to new methods and technologies.
     When I think of CTELE, I imagine that the course is the Run phase of the Crawl, Walk, Run model.  In the course, I hope to develop stronger facilitation skills that enable students to learn and discover new ways to embrace more technology, content, and the means to internalize the two.  As the final, non-elective course in the Instructional Technology Minor, I expect this course to challenge me to achieve the technological aspect of my goals as a facilitator.
     Overall, I am looking forward to this course.  As usual, we only get out what we put in.  I have to be prepared to work.