Sunday, December 7, 2014

Objectified...Helvetica for everything else!

     Greetings boys and girls, welcome to another installment of the movie cynic.  I type that because I watched the movie Objectified expected to see something new and eye-opening, but what I got was the design version of Helvetica.  Sit tight, for an action-packed thrill ride of a review.
     I feel like the director was trying to highlight how design in general as changed over the years, especially since the 1970s.  For example, the design mantra of the 1950s and prior revolved around the concept of "form follows function."  To un-package this, I mean to say that things were designed around their perceived usage.  However, there was later a revolution of sorts, and I can think of no better example than the iPod.  It is sleek, simple, has clean lines, and was specifically designed to be aesthetically pleasing.   For an example of this, I encourage you to go to the apple iPod website. The impracticality of it was rectified by the user adapting to the device, instead of the entire design being created with the user in mind.  
     I think the director's background highly influenced this film, because this is very similar to other movies in the series.  A seemingly abstract and minute feature was observed, and the director was able to elaborate on  and make interesting.  Clearing the director has a keen interest in concepts that fall within the realm of design and the impact it has on society in general.  
     The movie added to my visual literacy in the sense that I don't often think a lot about the design of the products that I use.  However, clearly design as a strong impact on consumers, as there are always long lines at Apple stores whenever a new product is launched.  I have always wondered QWERTY keyboard, but I know that I was able to adapt.  Although this is not an exact analog, I think it makes the point that we are willing to adapt to the things we buy.  
     The director mostly just treats the movie as what it is - a documentary.  There are interviews with designers, and some of them give different perspectives regarding their take on the art of design.  Not only are they designers in this respect, but they are also critics of the whole process.
     I don't necessarily recommend this movie if you have seen Helvetica, as you will get more of the same.  However, if you like watching documentaries, then you will find this to be one of the less boring ones.  

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