Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sage on the Stage

      Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the idea of the "Sage on the Stage" and how we seek to remove that aspect from teaching.  After careful consideration, I have concluded that there are many resources at my disposal to ensure I avoid this method of instruction.  I have known of Khan Academy for a number of years now, but I though it was only for business, science, and mathematics classes.  To my surprise, it has history (my teaching emphasis) applications as well!  Upon perusing the site, I have found a good foundation of United States History materials that can be used in concert with other media to give students the tools to ask the questions that would easily contribute to analytical thinking as we move along America's timeline.  Also, these videos could be reviewed at home!  Students who struggle to understand a specific topic can essentially revisit the tutorials to clarify things they may have missed in class -- thus, allowing all students to be active participants in group-initiated discussions.  I hope to see more and more history tutorials posted to the website in the future, as this is quite a valuable resource when considering incorporating usage of technology in the classroom (tablets, phones, etc.).  Here is an example of one of the videos used by this amazing website:

Flickr  photo courtesy of lamont_cranston